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This page indexes the essays that I have written recently. They are indexed by descending date, so you won't have to work too hard to find the latest ones.

File Name

Date Created Subject

The latest tax cut bill

12/2/2017 What's behind the tax cuts


12/2/2017 A gun control compromise


11/26/2017 The value of silence

From Inane to Insane

11/24/2017 Southern attitudes

Where's the Line

11/20/2017 Sexual Harrassment

The Past As Prologue

11/20/2017 Will Durant exerpt

A Rant on Learning

11/18/2017 Education vs. Learning


11/16/2017 Time compression

Through The Looking Glass

11/16/2017 Sexual Harrassment

A Step Back

11/16/2017 Racial-cultural division

The Bubba Mind

11/9/2017 Evolution of the southern mindset

The Person Versus The Work

11/2/2017 Paradox of Sexual Harrassment

Honor Duty Country

11/2/2017 Trashing Robert E. Lee

Said and Heard

10/29/2017 Civility in Politics

View From The Grandstand

10/14/2017 Hermiting and other general stuff

Sad and Sadder

10/2/2017 Puerto Rico & Medicaid

The October Celebration

9/28/2017 A satirical look at hunting

Gone Soft

9/22/2017 Manual labor and immigrants

Two is the Magical Number

9/22/2017 Obamacare Repeal and Replace

The Unknown Trump Voter

9/18/2017 Who is the real Trump Voter?

The FlimFlam Man

11/13/2016 Thoughts following the 2016 election