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Verbiage Page
On this page, you'll find some Buddhist documents and other historical manuscripts plus some of my own writings on the subject ... you never know what you'll find!!!

Handbook for Mankind
By Buddhadasa Bikkhu. This is a great read as to the practices of fundamental Buddhism.

The Lotus Sutra
The Burton Watson translation of the Lotus Sutra with commentary by Rev. Shokai Kanai.
Buddhist Catechism
By Henry S. Alcott. Written at the beginning of the twentieth century, this is a very good beginner's introduction to Theraveda Buddhism.
Fundamentals of Buddhism
by Dr Peter D. Santina. Yet another good introduction to fundamentals of Buddhism.
Buddhism in a Nutshell
by Narada Mahathera. Another good introduction to fundamentals of Buddhism.
Ohno Not Another Buddhist Primer
by Patricia Whitney. This is my attempt to make the fundamentals of Buddhist thought relevant to the twenty-first century.
The Path of the Pratyekabuddha
by Patricia Whitney. An extended treatise on the Four Noble Truths and the EightFold Path. Second Edition
Conversations with the Buddha (Part 1)
by Patricia Whitney. Fictional talks with a Bodhisattva.