A few words are necessary at the outset of this gallery.

These photos were taken by a crewman on the second voyage of the Glomar Explorer in 1979-1980 after it was retreived from the Reserve Fleet. It contains no photos of the first voyage, nor does it contain any classified material. The second voyage was completely commercial, and did not involve any government agencies.

I was given the negatives by the crewman, and scanned them into digital format. No Photoshopping other than removing dirt and artifacts from the scanned images was done. The crewman assisted me in writing the captions for the photos. They are no longer available for my or anyone else's contact, so this will have to do.

It may be possible to provide cd/roms of all the photos at the scanned resolution ... 4x better than what is on the website. Email me for further information.

There are numerous links for information on the mission and engineering of the Glomar Explorer. Here are a few:

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