A few words are necessary at the outset of this gallery.

These photos are of the Hughes Flying Boat in its original hangar in Long Beach, not long after Howard Hughes died. Until a month before I was there, the aircraft was maintained in 24 hour standby.

These photos were taken by me in 1980. I was graciously given three hours to roam the hangar and shoot as many pictures as I wished. I sincerely thank the Spruce Goose project crew for the opportunity to take these unique and rare photos.

It may be possible to provide cd/roms of all the photos at the scanned resolution ... 4x better than what is on the website. Email me for further information.

There are numerous links for information on the mission and engineering of the Spruce Goose. Just Google the term and you'll find many pages of links for it.

Spruce Goose Photo Gallery
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