Lake Creek, Oregon, is a small village and the surrounding countryside nestled in the foothills of the Southern Oregon Cascades. Our community is as diverse as the land. We include ranchers and cattlemen, hobby-farmers and retirees. The one thing we have in common is our love for this valley and the determination to keep it pretty much as it is for our children and residents.
The area that surrounds the community is the watershed of the Little Butte Creek. (Take a tour of the area from the main page). This stream and its forks and tributaries are perennial streams, and give the area its woods and canyons, which we all appreciate. We consider the area (for the purposes of this website) as going from BrownsBoro to Fish Lake, and up the South Fork Little Butte Creek canyon (approximately the same area as covered by the Lake Creek Rural Fire Department).

To reach Lake Creek, go east on Highway 140 about 12 miles and take the 'Lake Creek' exit. The village is about a mile up the two-lane road. The village has two attractions which invite visitors, those being the Lake Creek General Store and Ice Cream Parlor, and the Lake Creek Historical Society.

The village also includes the Lake Creek Rural Fire Department, and B-K Cascade Ranch buildings.

The area also includes many medium-sized and large ranches, including the B-K Cascade Ranch and the C2 Cattle Company.