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    Welcome to my world in the Oregon Cascade foothills.

    This site is my own, sharing a collection of my photographs around and about Lake Creek, Oregon. In addition, there is an introduction to Lake Creek, some pages for local artists and artisans, and some verbiage (both mine and many others.) It will be updated periodically, and more added as time goes on.

     These photos are not Photoshopped in any major way. No gimmicks, special lighting, or any changes from the original image. What you see is what I shot. I'm going for realism, not super-beautiful portraits. I think Nature is great just the way she makes things.

     The photos are for sale. Please note that all photos are copyrighted and require written permission for use other than recreational viewing by the purchaser in their homes.

     You can preview these pictures by clicking the 'Photo Gallery' tab.

      Drop me an email and I'll be happy to let you know the pricing and delivery schedules.

     The Lake Creek tab was part of another website that is no longer in existence, which introduced Lake Creek to the world. I hope you enjoy it. It is only partially completed, and I intend to finish it soon.

    The Verbiage section is devoted to some writings that you may find interesting. All are free, and if you're philosophically inclined, I believe you will find it interesting. The section dwells on philosophy of various kinds, with an emphasis on Buddhism. 

    The Crypto Challenge is a text file that is encrypted with PAWCRYPT, a cryptographic system that we have designed, and are looking for it to be tested for vulnerabilities. If you want a significant challenge to your codebreaking skills, try this one. There is a substantial reward if you can crack the file.

    I hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to contact me with complaints, kudos, questions or criticisms. The site will be under construction for a while, so please be patient if what you're looking for isn't immediately available.

Please Email me!